The Contemporary Ketubah is

a Jewish wedding contract for our time.
It's a testament to your love, marriage, and family, and it should reflect your style and vision. It is a special work of art that sanctifies your home and reminds you of your commitment to your partner and your connection to Jewish tradition. But it doesn't have to look like your grandmother's Judaica! Check out these colorful designs, or collaborate with me to make your own ketubah. With mixed-media collage, original paintings, and digital sketches, I create a lasting document that integrates Jewish practice and the personal histories of the couple. It is then printed on beautiful archival cotton paper by Squirt Printing, using the museum-quality fine art reproduction technology of giclée printing.

Retail Ketubot

If you're in California, you can see my work at these stores:
in Berkeley, CA
in Los Gatos, CA
at the San Francisco JCC
in Los Angeles
at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

Sustainable Ketubot

Your ketubah is intended to last for generations, and what better way to show respect for the future than by ordering an eco-friendly ketubah? Your KetubahKraft design can be printed on 100% recycled paper and hand-finished with all-natural paint and shipped with recycled packaging.

Not Jewish?

Other traditions incorporate wedding contracts, and I'm happy to design a document for your non-Jewish ceremony.


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Ketubah Designs. Welcome to KetubahKraft!

The contemporary ketubah designs below are organized into four categories relating to Jewish visual culture: the tree of life, sacred landscapes, ornamental motifs, and spiritual abstraction. If you don't see what you are looking for here, we can create an original design based on your own choice of photos, symbols, colors, and artistic styles.

Tree of Life Ketubah Collection

jewel tones four seasons ketubah

Sacred Landscape Ketubah Collection

     egyptian night  

Ornamental Ketubah Collection


The original designs below are available on bar

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